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Here’s what these brand new cross stitchers are saying:

right now, a creative hobby

feels impossible

  • the supplies are so expensive that it brings on the guilt before you've even started
  • by the time you've set up all the things, that block of precious free time is over, and you'd barely begun
  • you're feeling inadequate because your thing never looks right and you don't know how to fix it
  • it's all enough to convince you that you're just not creative
cross stitching woman

and you're so ready

for all of this

  • an inexpensive hobby that gives you so much time + creativity for your buck.
  • super quick set up - get started with your hobby in less than a minute each session
  • having a hobby you can do while binging whatever's new on Netflix (for real, it's possible!!)
  • that incredible proud moment when you hang your first creation on the wall.
  • friends + family tearing up... again... because you just gifted yet another gorgeous, handmade present they're going to treasure for years.
  • confidently knowing that you're an amazing, creative person!

guess what?

Cross stitch checks ALL those boxes - and then some!

There's a reason that cross stitch has been around for thousands of years... it's pretty dang awesome!
The Cross Stitch Roadmap walks total beginners through all the key points, while keeping it simple + easy.
Cross Stitch Roadmap
Erin from Purple Leaf Designs

hey  there!

Hi! I'm Erin. ?
I’m the teacher, author, pattern designer, kit maker, and crazy cross stitcher behind Purple Leaf Designs.
(It’s just me here, so you won’t ever see me use a royal “we.”)

I teach total newbies how to start - and finish - their very first cross stitch project, setting the foundation for a brand new creative + fulfilling hobby.

I love sharing my passion for cross stitch... without all that perfectionism nonsense. 
After all, a hobby should be fun! ?

ready to finally have a creative outlet?

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Cross Stitch Roadmap