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about purple leaf designs

you like things simple + easy, right?

Yeah, me too. Life is already crazy enough!

But, for real, what’s up with hobbies now?
They all need piles of expensive equipment to get started. And you need a whole room in your house to stash it all.

And don’t even get me started on those “blog crafts.”
You know what I’m talking about – they’re always showing up in your Pinterest feed. The posts + videos make them look crazy easy and super cute. Of course, you’re instantly convinced you need this thing in your life and you MUST make it.

A trip to the craft store takes half your paycheck – ouch! And then, halfway through making it, you realize they must’ve forgot part of the directions. Your thing looks like this and their thing looks like that. Another project tossed in the trash, taking your self confidence with it.

You end up feeling like a failure. Everyone else can do it, so why can’t you?
You tell yourself to stop trying because you’re clearly just “not crafty.”

that stops now, okay?

Creative hobbies are for everyone!

Every human has creativity. You’re creative.
You’re just trying the wrong hobbies.

Let me introduce to you to the best hobby ever: cross stitch.
Actually, let me introduce myself first.

hi, i'm erin

I’m the pattern designer, kit maker, and crazy cross stitcher behind Purple Leaf Designs. It’s just me here, so you won’t ever see me use a royal “we.”

I taught myself to cross stitch nearly 25 years ago.

Yup, I was only a kid. And kids think they can do anything. No self-doubt!

But I learned before the internet was a thing – I had to figure out it all out myself.
It might sound harder, but there was SO much less pressure!

The internet makes cross stitch seem like this crazy intimidating hobby.

I didn’t care that the backs of my projects were messy.
Actually, I still don’t. It’s not the part that matters, so who cares!?

I wasn’t comparing my stitching to Instagram photos of seemingly flawless embroidery work.

All I did was cross stitch, and it made me happy.
And that’s the point, isn’t it? A hobby should make you HAPPY!

So I reject all that perfectionist stuff.
It’s useless noise that fills your head with garbage thoughts.

Erin from Purple Leaf Designs

the obligatory random fact section ?

◦ Lame puns make me ridiculously happy ?

◦ My HUGE veggie garden just keeps expanding ?

◦ Sunflowers + daisies are my favorite flowers ?

◦ Purple is my favorite color. Obviously! ?

◦ My home (+ biz) is powered by a huge solar array ?

◦ Elwood, my old fluffy mutt, was my first baby ?

◦ I have two actual (human) babies, too ?

◦ We've got a flock of backyard chickens. ?

◦ 2020 added a quarantine kitten to the family ?

here's what you need to know

You don’t need to have been blessed at birth with crazy artistic talents to cross stitch.
Seriously. Cross stitch is like connect the dots, but with a needle and floss.

It’s inexpensive, and all the supplies are small. So if you don’t have a dedicated wing of your home to store supplies, you’ll be fine.
You can easily buy everything you need for a starter project for $25 or less.

Cross stitch is a super relaxing hobby. It’s great when your brain needs to chill after a long day.
Plus, you can actually feel accomplished while bingeing whatever’s new on Netflix!

ready to get your learning on?

There are loads of resources on the blog to help you get started, and I’ll support you on the way.

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